Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

Jen and I took a trip up to the office this morning to guage traffic a little bit. Even though I'm a couple of exits on I-495 down from Tyson's Corner, it takes a good 15 mins to get there. My friend just moved in a little ways away, and we estimate that it'll be about an hour in the mornings for her. Speaking of long waits, we finally got our VA driver's licenses yesterday. After three trips and waiting a cumulative of about 2 hours, they finally let us go.
I guess it was little Mark's birthday the other day. I remember on my birthdays on the mission, we'd go out and knock on doors all day with no lunch or dinner break just so we could find somebody and baptize them, and then I could say I found them on my birthday. It didn't happen, but it would've made for a nice story. All that usually happened was my companion buying me a pizza. It's probably the thought that counts though.
We're now in June, which marks the first time I've paid over $1,000 in rent for one month. They don't even let me pay on my credit card, or I could get 1% cash back.
Christianne seems to get a lot of replies after putting pictures of children up on her blog, so here's a child on mine.
By the way, there was a comment from a "bloggerbyu" saying that this was the most boring blog ever. It may be boring, but I don't think it is THE most boring. No need to exaggerate to make points. Just because I don't make references to 90's TV Shows or spoil plots for good movies that are out there doesn't mean that there aren't good comments, either.


Anonymous said...

I warned you about traffic --hee hee. Good thing you live so close... 15 is great - You can't get better than that - I bet everyone is your office will be jealous.

Anonymous said...

I like the alliteration - or clue to the identity of your new car - smart real smart

CWBroadbent said...

I see you have excellent taste in the pictures of kids you post . . .