Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Part II

Due to popular demand, the Phil's Pills Editing Committee Chair decided to put up a picture of his wife's car. It does have license plates now, but other than that, it is almost exactly as you see it there. That is not our porch, though, ours is to the left. I have a pot of basil that I'm growing, and Jen has a box of flowers.
It's been raining quite a bit here.
We finally finished off a lasagna Jen had made the other day. It was quite delicious. We also went to Ruby Tuesday's last night for dinner, because I'd seen a commercial for it and it looked to be quite a hearty meal. I was a little disappointed. Any other recommendations for restaurants are welcome. Especially those in the area, Christianne, I know you're reading this. Posted by Picasa

Nats - Yanks

Jen and I went to the Nationals game the other day. It was pretty hot, but we enjoyed the game and a nice hot dog. There's nothing quite like eating a ball park hot dog and watching a baseball game. In case you were wondering, it wasn't me that took that picture. Our seats were way up at the top.

In other news, my little brother Mark just got back from his mission to Venezuela. Turned out he didn't really spend all the time in Venezuela, there was some time in Aruba looking for Natalie Holloway, and some time in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic, one of the two.

My job has started picking up. I got through all the silly training, (how to expense things, yada yada yada) and am actually doing what they hired me to do now. To clear it up, I'm a Data Quality & Integrity Consultant for the Audit/Enterprise Risk Solutions division of Deloitte & Touche. Currently I'm working on the Fannie Mae project. That should clear it up.

For all who don't know, we also bought a car a couple of weeks ago. I was waiting for people to ask me to tell them, but after a while decided that was silly, because that really doesn't come up in normal conversation. So, I told a few people, and some people I didn't tell. I don't remember who's who. That's all for now.


I just finished my first week of full time work. It was mainly just training business, so I still don't have a good feel for how my job will be. At 5 oclock after work, though, I can still get home in 15-20 minutes, that's pretty good. If I do go to clients' offices, all the travel will be reimbursed. Jen and I went to see X-men, even though H already tipped me off to what was going to happen. Still a good watch. This week at work, we had IMPACT day which is the day where everyone at Deloitte goes and does service. We painted some fence at a high school that used to be Grover High School, that they played in Remember the Titans. So if you go watch that movie, you can see the fence we painted. Before that on Wednesday we had an AERS picnic, and a softball game between our office and the Baltimore office. We lost, but I had an RBI single.

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

Jen and I took a trip up to the office this morning to guage traffic a little bit. Even though I'm a couple of exits on I-495 down from Tyson's Corner, it takes a good 15 mins to get there. My friend just moved in a little ways away, and we estimate that it'll be about an hour in the mornings for her. Speaking of long waits, we finally got our VA driver's licenses yesterday. After three trips and waiting a cumulative of about 2 hours, they finally let us go.
I guess it was little Mark's birthday the other day. I remember on my birthdays on the mission, we'd go out and knock on doors all day with no lunch or dinner break just so we could find somebody and baptize them, and then I could say I found them on my birthday. It didn't happen, but it would've made for a nice story. All that usually happened was my companion buying me a pizza. It's probably the thought that counts though.
We're now in June, which marks the first time I've paid over $1,000 in rent for one month. They don't even let me pay on my credit card, or I could get 1% cash back.
Christianne seems to get a lot of replies after putting pictures of children up on her blog, so here's a child on mine.
By the way, there was a comment from a "bloggerbyu" saying that this was the most boring blog ever. It may be boring, but I don't think it is THE most boring. No need to exaggerate to make points. Just because I don't make references to 90's TV Shows or spoil plots for good movies that are out there doesn't mean that there aren't good comments, either.