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My little Sam laughed for the first time today when I blew raspberries on his tummy. It made my heart happy.

One thing I love about little boys

No one needs to tell them what to do, they just know how to play cars.
A set of wheels and an imagination is all they need.


For our family night this week we finally sat down and talked about some of our goals for the upcoming year. Sadly, this is all we came up with. But a short list means we are more likely to accomplish the things on it, right?

(ok, I cheated and put Sam's goals down for him. Wade's not particularly thrilled with his either.)

Woody Boots

Wade adores Woody from Toy Story. He has nick-named his cowboy boots as his Woody boots.

He wore his Woody boots today. I had taken them off and set them on the floor during his nap. Just after he woke up, he was laying on his bed and he spotted the boots on the floor. After studying them a while, he turns to me and says, "Mom, there's a snake in my boots!"

I laughed so hard I cried.

2 months

My sweet Sam is 2 months old today! He is smiling and cooing at us more these days. He also occasionally finds his fist and goes to town on it. Now if we could just get him to burp after he eats instead of spitting up 2 hours later...


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(i'm three)

Accomplishments in my third year:
Learned how to go to school
Got a dog
Got a big boy bed
Learned to swim
Learned to love to jump off grandpa's boat
Got a little brother (he's so cute)
Learned to count
Learned my letters and most of my numbers
Caught my first football
Figured out how to open presents
Learned to talk
Went poops on the potty
Made my first snowman
Picked my favorite sport (football, obviously)
Shoveled my first driveway

and much more that I probably forgot.

Here's to another year even better than the last!