our week

We are slowly adjusting to life here in Houston (although not the heat).  This week, we went on an early morning outing to pick blueberries at a local farm.  Wade and Sam were good little helpers, at least until Wade got too sweaty to handle it and Sam realized he could eat the berries without getting in trouble.  I am pretty sure he ate more blueberries than he brought home.  Untitled
We have spent a good amount of time at the pool.  Both boys are finally loving the water and becoming less scared of it.  They have figured out that with the help of flotation devices they can swim by themselves.  We are trying to get them into swimming lessons soon.  
Wade still likes to love on his baby brother and Luke has still survived so far.  This picture pretty much sums it up.  
When Wade isn't too sweaty to be outside, he loves to practice riding his bike.  He's finally getting good.  Hope those training wheels will come off soon.
And we made it to the temple this week.  

the beach

We spent the afternoon yesterday at Galveston Beach with one of Phil's brothers and fam.  In all the years Phil lived in Houston, he had never been.  It was our boys first visit to an actual ocean beach.  We forgot to warn Wade that the water was salty.  Much to our surprise, our shy, timid first-born ran right into the water and quite enjoyed playing in the waves with his dad.  
Sam is still struggling with all the change that has been going on, and was much happier to spend his day on the sand playing in the mud.  DSC04281_edited-1 DSC04276_edited-1 This one did a great job just chilling.  He didn't even mind all the sand his brothers so lovingly spread all over him.  
We managed to build a few sand castles.  This one lasted about 30 seconds...the boys enjoyed smashing them more than admiring them...go figure.  DSC04285_edited-1
I was silly enough to think I needed to pack everyone's water shoes.  Usually when we go to the "beach" in Utah, it is all rocks.  It was a pleasant surprise to be able to walk around without cutting up our feet.  Oh, and the the breeze was a fabulous change up to the deathly humidity we've been experiencing.  And even though our commute home (2 1/2 hours) reminded us of our days in DC, everyone still had a great day.  

6 months

I love this little guy so much.  He is so happy and smiley now.  At 6 months Luke is still only in the 20th percentile for weight, but 90th percentile for head.  He loves to eat, especially if we are eating.  And he adores his big brothers.  He loves it when they stop to play with him.  He can finally roll over and loves to squeal and talk giggle.  I could just eat those cheeks up!DSC04269_edited-1

before we left

It seems like we had been counting down the days to our move forever.  And then, before we knew it, everything happened at once and we were gone.  Before we left, we got to spend a couple of days with our Grandma and Grandpa Broadbent.  They flew to Russia today to be missionaries for two years.  DSC04246_edited-1
And this little guy graduated from preschool.  He is such a joy and is so excited for kindergarten (which much to his mother's chagrin is all day).  
And now, after our 3 day drive, we are in Texas trying to survive the heat.  Things I have learned about living here so far are:
5: Grocery stores are empty on Saturday nights.
4: You can't leave butter out on the counter.
3: My boys sweat continuously.
2: I get to go to bed an hour earlier without my husband giving me a hard time.
1: After being outside in 95 degree/50% humidity weather, a 78 degree house feels amazing