It's Official...

We're moving! After 2 1/2 years of living in Virginia, we are moving back to Utah. Phil took a job with and starts Dec. 1.

Things we will miss about Virginia:
1. Friends
2. Tysons Corner Mall
3. Free Entertainment on the DC Mall/National Monuments
4. Beautiful Seasons/Weather
5. Some great restaurants (The Espositos, Coastal Flats, Silverado, etc.)
6. All the green, green trees everywhere

Things we won't miss about Virginia:
1. Completely unpredictable traffic on I-66
2. Not having our own washer/dryer
3. Somewhat upredictable traffic on I-495
4. Paying way overpriced rent for small, old apartment with moldy walls (and did I mention no washer or dryer?)
5. Not being able to watch the BYU games on tv

We are excited (although probably not as excited as my mom who can not wait to hug Wade again!)


Hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween!
So we dressed Wade up as Mickey Mouse for Halloween. Yes, I am trying to brainwash my child in preparation for our trip to DisneyWorld in a few weeks. He hated every minute of it! Everyone would get so excited to see him, and he would just pout or cry, like he knew how humiliating this was. I dressed him up to go see Phil at work, but he pouted the whole time...until I took him out of the costume, then he felt much better.

Now that he can crawl and pull himself up on everything, I took him to the playground for a while yesterday. We quite enjoyed ourselves and the beautiful day it was.