Phil and I had some free movie tickets that expired on Saturday so last minute we decided to use them. However, we didn't have time to get a babysitter so Wade had to come along. We didn't want to make anyone mad by bringing our baby to the movies so we decided to go see Igor, seeing as the whole audience would probably be kids anyway. That way, if Wade fussed it wouldn't be a big deal. Wade slept through the entire movie! I wish we would have known that beforehand, because we probably would have picked a better movie. This one was not great.

But we sure love that our baby is such a sweetheart!

Anything For Food...

This is for Wade's Grandmas who don't get to see him very often.

We think it's so funny that he won't budge for anything but food.

Family Visit

Last week my sister Emily and two of her four kids came out to visit us. It was perfect timing because now that school is back in, everything on the mall was practically empty. Here is a picture of Wade and his cousin Logan (even though Wade is bigger, Logan is actually 3 months older). They had a great time playing together. While they were here we saw a Nationals ball game, the Air & Space museum, the Washington Monument, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving (where they print $$$), Mount Vernon, the Capitol, the Natural History museum, the White House and the Lincoln monument....phew. Quite a bit for 2 babies and a 6 year old. Ammon said his favorite parts of the trip were the ball game and all the MarioKart he played on the Wii.

This is Emily in the Capitol with Brigham Young. Thanks to our friend Kaylyn who gave us our own personal tour!

A new family picture.

Wade happened to pick up a cold from his cousin Logan. He has been making this face ever since. We think he is licking the salty snot from his nose, but it is so funny because he looks like an old man.

Besides the flooding we had Saturday from hurricane Hannah, I think everyone had a great week. Thanks for coming out Em, can't wait to see you again in 3 months!