Nap Time

I love nap time! A few hours of quiet to myself to get stuff done. However, for about the last week or so, when Wade wakes up from his nap and I go to get him, this is what I find...

He used to try to find his bink which I had stashed in the baskets in his dresser (since we mostly don't give it to him anymore). I guess he figures he has to pull everything out of his drawers just to make sure it's not there....little stinker!

Every Day Should Be Saturday

Last year when we were evaluating whether or not to take a new job in Utah, one of the big factors we considered was that Jen's Dad promised me season tickets to BYU football if we moved back. Apparently that was an empty promise because that didn't happen this year. So, Jen and I were online at 8 AM the day tickets went on sale to buy as many as we could. Yesterday was the first game we could get tickets for and it happened to be when my brother and sister in law happened to be in town. So we loaded up in the Black Pearl 2.0 and headed down to Provo for the game.