the firehouse

Last week Sam's little joy school group took a field trip to the fire house.  They learned a little about fire safety and got to enjoy checking out the truck, spraying the hose, and ringing the fire bell.  Sam was in little boy heaven.  Luke was, too..he was just a little weary of the firemen.  IMG_0207_edited-1 IMG_0228_edited-1 IMG_0237_edited-1 IMG_0249_edited-1


IMG_0261_edited-1After what has seemed like weeks and weeks of having another wiggly tooth, he finally let me pull out his second tooth tonight.  He's pretty pumped...and pretty cute, too.  

planting a seed

Tonight we planted our little garden with our boys.  It took quite a bit of work to get it all weeded after we gave up on it last year.  But the boys were thrilled and said it was such a great night.  (Although I'm sure they would have had even more fun if I had just given them shovels and let them have at the dirt). Hopefully we will see some of the fruit of our labor before we leave Texas in a few months.  IMG_0163_edited-1 IMG_0161_edited-1 IMG_0157_edited-1 IMG_0156_edited-1 IMG_0158_edited-1