Tricks and Baseball

Wade has some new tricks. One of them is to laugh hysterically whenever his friends say, "Beep Beep" to him.

He also can hold onto his toys.

And sit up (kind of) in his new chair.

We also had our second annual Spring Training.

(That one must have gone far)

More Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to our nephew Laird who turns 3 today!
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Wade's Blessing

We blessed Wade at church this Sunday. His daddy did a great job and Wade was an angel, keeping his blessing outfit nice and clean! We also had a good time visiting with everyone who came. Thanks to Grandpa & Grandma Anderson, Uncle Blake, Grandpa & Grandma Broadbent and my cousin Lindsey who came for the event. (As a side note, both grandmas did a great job of sharing Wade...I know it was hard!)

Three Months

Wade is 3 months old today and loving every minute!

Weekend Fun

We have had a busy weekend. My birthday was Thursday and we had a quiet night with just our little family. Phil came home from work early and made me a fabulous steak dinner. He even did the dishes and the ironing for me! Friday, Steve and Kalina came in from Houston to visit. We spent most of the in-between conference hours taking them to see all the sights in DC. Here we are at the Iwo Jima Memorial, which is a lot bigger than we imagined.
We are looking forward to more family coming in this next weekend for Wade's blessing!

Cherry Blossoms

Tonight we took a trip to the city to see the famous DC cherry blossoms that are in full bloom. I packed a picnic for us and we enjoyed watching the sun set over the tidal basin. What a beautiful night! Wade loved being outside. He is such a good sport to let us cart him everywhere.