In preparation for #3's arrival, we got bunk beds for the boys.  To say they love them is an understatement.  Today I found them snuggled up together reading books.  It was a welcome sight on this crazy Monday.  DSC03980_edited-1


So in nursery at church, Sam has been learning lots of new songs.  One of his favorites is "If you chance to meet a frown."  His cute nursery leaders have taught him how to make happy and sad faces, and we like to make a game out of practicing them at home.  I mean...look at this face.  How could you not play this all day?DSC03960 copy DSC03967 copy
(I just want to kiss these lips every time!)

pumpkins pumpkins everywhere

This little guy went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with his preschool today, and I was lucky enough to be able to tag along.  It was so fun to see him interact with his little buddies.  They completely cracked me up with their knock-knock jokes.  Where do 4 year-olds come up with this stuff?  

Wade looks forward to these trips to the pumpkin patch....like all year long.  I think they are one of his favorite (and his dad's least favorite) activities.  And yes, he is already asking about going back next year.  Love this kid!Untitled

a picnic

Today during our break of watching General Conference we took the boys to a local pond to have a picnic.  After we finished eating we fed the ducks.  Sam was so excited to see them, until they started rushing toward him...at which point he only felt comfortable feeding them from the safety of my arms.  Both Wade and his daddy thought the adventure was great fun.  DSC03942 copy DSC03938 copy DSC03944 copy DSC03950 copy


So this last weekend we joined the mini-van club...that makes us cool, right?Untitled