snow day

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband?  Because really, I do.  We got dumped on with snow this week, and instead of complaining that he had to go shovel, he bundled my boys up, took them outside with him and played with them.  It gave me a few quiet hours with my babe and to get some cleaning/after Christmas organizing done.  I think he is the best.  These little snow angels aren't bad either.DSC04064_edited-1 DSC04062_edited-1

Merry Christmas

This year we have a very special reminder of the little babe that was born so long ago.  We hope everyone has a very happy Christmas.


Oh, how my children love their grandparents! And I love that they do.   

My boys got to spend some much needed time with their Grandma Ann who lives in Houston.  We don't get to see her often enough.  While I snuggled my new babe and slept, Grandma played cars and cooked, played puzzles and cooked, played trains and cooked, read books and ...well, you get the idea.  It's safe to say that my boys are pretty bored now that Grandma has gone home and mom is left to juggle life with 3 little ones.  I wish I had more pictures to document everything they did together, but I was somewhat in a haze being in and out of sleep. 

One night, Wade prayed that Grandma Ann could come live at his house.  It melted my heart.  They were pretty much best buds for the week.   DSC04054_edited-1


DSC04037_edited-1 This little boy does not like to be naked, not that I can blame him seeing as it is so cold outside and our house is a little draftier than usual.  And if you didn't notice, he has perfected his dad's furrow.  

zoo lights

Grandma Ann and Grandpa Charlie are in town with us this week to help with the boys.  To celebrate, we went to see the Christmas lights at the zoo.  It was cold!  But the boys were fascinated.  I'm pretty sure they will be absolutely spoiled this week.DSC04027_edited-1


Luke Charles BroadbentDSC04020_edited-1
He arrived on December 1, about a week early.  My water broke in the middle of the night, and Luke joined our family about 3 hours later.  We think he's perfect.

His big brothers adore him.  Every time he starts to cry Wade will run over and give him a kiss on the head.  Sam walks around the house asking where baby "Yuke" is.  

We are smitten with this sweet baby and his oh so kissable cheeks.