At the beach

While Phil and I were away this weekend, my family took Wade to the Lake and let him play on the beach. This was his first experience with sand and the pictures were great so I thought I'd share.


This weekend, Phil and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe we've already been married for 4 years!
We decided a while ago that instead of exchanging gifts, we would rather spend the time together on our anniversary. This year Phil took me to Las Vegas and we stayed here:

He also took me to see this:

It was phenomenal!

I love you baby and I love being married to you! Here's to many more years being married to the best man in the world!

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Happy Half Birthday

Wade is now officially 1.5 years old. We'll miss him in sunday school, even though his Mom almost never let me take him to priesthood meeting. Here are some of the things that Wade has already accomplished in his short time with us so far:
Got kissed by his Grandma
Got clobbered by his cousin
Got kissed by his other Grandma
Went to a Jazz game
Went to a Nationals game
Got his first pair of KSwisses
Went to visit Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefforson (monuments), and saw George Washington's old home
Chuckled for the first time
Fell asleep for the first time at his dinner table
Tasted his first ice cream
Splashed in the pool
Learned how to do anything for food
Visited his Dad at work
Went to his first Redskins game
Went Trick or Treating for the first time as Mickey Mouse
Drove across the country
Took his first step (for an M&M)
Put on his first business suit (to show up grandpa)
Met the mouse in his house
Celebrated his first birthday
Bought a house
Got his very own yard
Made his first trip to the ER (he's ok)
Fell down the stairs (he's still ok)
Went to a Real Salt Lake game
Met his first true love (opening and closing cupboards and doors)
Said his first words (mama, dada, no, closed, banana, cookie)
First easter egg hunt
Met his second true love (Elmo)
Went camping
Went to Yellowstone National Park
Said no to a bite of food for the first time (watermelon, who would've thought?)

Here's to many more! We love you Wade!
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These are some pictures of our Broadbent family reunion in Yellowstone over the 4th of July. We had such a great time!