Tonight I am hugging this boy a little tighter.  He gave me a good scare today.
DSC_1025 copy
I dropped him off at preschool and got a call from his teacher about 45 minutes later saying I needed to come get Wade right away and that something was wrong with him.  When I picked him up, she told me she was almost certain he had just had a seizure. 

Long story short....after a lengthy afternoon of doctor and hospital visits, it appears he did have a seizure, but at this point we are not sure why.  He had a CT scan at the hospital (he was a champ!) that thankfully came back clear.  He'll have an EEG done in the next few days and a follow up appointment with a neurologist.  

Tonight I am so thankful for the many little miracles that happened today to help me make it through.  And I am so thankful this brave little boy is in my life.  I love him to pieces.  

a sunny day

It felt like Spring yesterday so the boys and I went outside to play.  They were beyond thrilled to get out of the house and run around.  We drew pictures on the driveway, played hopscotch, ran, jumped, climbed and just loved being in the sunshine.
sunny day
DSC03488 copy
Sam's newest obsession is airplanes.  We have a small airport near our home and we often hear small airplanes flying over head.  Sam will stop dead in his tracks when he hears them and focus on the sky until he finds said airplane.  It's much easier to find them when you are outside.