2nd Anniversary

Phil and I celebrated our second anniversary this week. Phil got us box seat tickets to the John Mayer concert which was very fun.
We also went to dinner at the Melting Pot, which most people know is for fondue. We decided we liked dessert the best. We got the "Cookies and Cream, Marshmallow Dream" chocolate and got to watch the marshmallow flambeed. For gifts this year, Phil got me the new Harry Potter book and I got him a gift card to iTunes. We have loved being married and look forward to the adventures to come in future years.

John Mayer Concert


Well, summer is here. We watched the fireworks they had up on the hill on the fourth, in addition to the production they had, hosted by Tony Danza. I wonder when the person in charge of that was looking at the list of people he could ask to host that thing, what made him stop on Tony Danza.
The picture above is obviously from Lake Powell. We were trying out Ric's new seadoo, making sure it floated and what not. We also made it up to Rainbow Bridge, which I'd not seen before, even though I've been up there plenty of times. It turns out they've put up some cell phone towers near the lake lately, because Ric kept getting calls on his phone even though we were 6-7 miles up the canyon.