snow day

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband?  Because really, I do.  We got dumped on with snow this week, and instead of complaining that he had to go shovel, he bundled my boys up, took them outside with him and played with them.  It gave me a few quiet hours with my babe and to get some cleaning/after Christmas organizing done.  I think he is the best.  These little snow angels aren't bad either.DSC04064_edited-1 DSC04062_edited-1

Merry Christmas

This year we have a very special reminder of the little babe that was born so long ago.  We hope everyone has a very happy Christmas.


Oh, how my children love their grandparents! And I love that they do.   

My boys got to spend some much needed time with their Grandma Ann who lives in Houston.  We don't get to see her often enough.  While I snuggled my new babe and slept, Grandma played cars and cooked, played puzzles and cooked, played trains and cooked, read books and ...well, you get the idea.  It's safe to say that my boys are pretty bored now that Grandma has gone home and mom is left to juggle life with 3 little ones.  I wish I had more pictures to document everything they did together, but I was somewhat in a haze being in and out of sleep. 

One night, Wade prayed that Grandma Ann could come live at his house.  It melted my heart.  They were pretty much best buds for the week.   DSC04054_edited-1


DSC04037_edited-1 This little boy does not like to be naked, not that I can blame him seeing as it is so cold outside and our house is a little draftier than usual.  And if you didn't notice, he has perfected his dad's furrow.  

zoo lights

Grandma Ann and Grandpa Charlie are in town with us this week to help with the boys.  To celebrate, we went to see the Christmas lights at the zoo.  It was cold!  But the boys were fascinated.  I'm pretty sure they will be absolutely spoiled this week.DSC04027_edited-1


Luke Charles BroadbentDSC04020_edited-1
He arrived on December 1, about a week early.  My water broke in the middle of the night, and Luke joined our family about 3 hours later.  We think he's perfect.

His big brothers adore him.  Every time he starts to cry Wade will run over and give him a kiss on the head.  Sam walks around the house asking where baby "Yuke" is.  

We are smitten with this sweet baby and his oh so kissable cheeks.  

The big 2

A few weeks ago this little guy turned the big 2. We had a fun little party and the boy was spoiled with lots of new cars and trucks.  He is growing up so fast and talking so much earlier than his big brother did.  He copies everything we say (which is both cute and educational).  He adores his brother who he calls "Weed" and loves to give loves.  Unfortunately, he is not so fond of eating his dinner.  But we'll still keep him around.   We think he's kind of adorable.birthday

my first ambulance ride

It has been quite crazy at our house the last few weeks.  As you remember from Halloween, Wade got the flu despite having a flu shot.  On Monday, his fever spiked again and he wasn't acting like his normal self so I took him back in to see the doctor.  She immediately tested for pneumonia by checking his oxygen levels....which were too far below normal for a 4 year old.  I obviously didn't understand how serious a situation this was, because I figured they would give us antibiotics and send us on our merry way.

Not how the story went.

Instead, I am sitting there with one sick boy in my 9 month pregnant lap and my two year old getting into everything within or not within reach and laughing, while the doctor proceeds to tell me she has to send Wade in an ambulance to the hospital and that we'll probably stay there for a few days and that I need to call someone to come get Sam.  Did I mention that my husband had boarded a flight 20 minutes earlier and would be gone for the week?  

Luckily, I have lots of family close so I didn't have to worry about Sam.  The doctor was nice enough to play with him in her office until my dad could pick him up.  

I spent the whole ambulance ride trying not to pass out, which is harder than you might think.  Did you know that ambulances are like a million degrees hot inside and so not comfortable for people with huge bellies?  Wade was thrilled with the ride...can't you tell?   

Anyway...after one very sleepless night at Primary Children's Hospital, lots of oxygen, and a healthy dose of antibiotics (and I'm sure a hefty medical bill) we are home and doing much better.  

I am so very thankful for all of the kind doctors and nurses who looked after us and for helping my babe to feel better.  I am also very thankful this has all happened before the new baby comes and that this didn't actually put me into labor.  Oh, and I am thankful that my husband is catching an earlier flight home tomorrow night.  

October 31

Around this house, we have been counting down to Halloween since October 1.  Every morning Wade has asked what day it is, found it on the calendar and counted how many more days until the 31st.  

Unfortunately, earlier this week Wade tested positive for influenza he has not been feeling his best.  But after counting down for 31 days, I just couldn't tell him no trick-or-treating.  So we dressed up in our pirate gear (and sanitized our hands)  and headed down the street.  We only made it up and down one small street, but it sure made one little boy happy.

The pirate
and his parrot
Sam was not as convinced about this whole dressing up thing until he got that first piece of candy in his bucket.  We could not run to the next house fast enough.  At one point, there were two homes in a row where no one was home.  At the second, Sam broke down sobbing saying "trick-or-treat" pointing to the door.  Even though his little bucket got so heavy, he would not let go of it.  I think they had a great time.


In preparation for #3's arrival, we got bunk beds for the boys.  To say they love them is an understatement.  Today I found them snuggled up together reading books.  It was a welcome sight on this crazy Monday.  DSC03980_edited-1


So in nursery at church, Sam has been learning lots of new songs.  One of his favorites is "If you chance to meet a frown."  His cute nursery leaders have taught him how to make happy and sad faces, and we like to make a game out of practicing them at home.  I mean...look at this face.  How could you not play this all day?DSC03960 copy DSC03967 copy
(I just want to kiss these lips every time!)

pumpkins pumpkins everywhere

This little guy went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with his preschool today, and I was lucky enough to be able to tag along.  It was so fun to see him interact with his little buddies.  They completely cracked me up with their knock-knock jokes.  Where do 4 year-olds come up with this stuff?  

Wade looks forward to these trips to the pumpkin all year long.  I think they are one of his favorite (and his dad's least favorite) activities.  And yes, he is already asking about going back next year.  Love this kid!Untitled

a picnic

Today during our break of watching General Conference we took the boys to a local pond to have a picnic.  After we finished eating we fed the ducks.  Sam was so excited to see them, until they started rushing toward which point he only felt comfortable feeding them from the safety of my arms.  Both Wade and his daddy thought the adventure was great fun.  DSC03942 copy DSC03938 copy DSC03944 copy DSC03950 copy


So this last weekend we joined the mini-van club...that makes us cool, right?Untitled

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend Phil and I snuck away for a quick vacation before #3 arrives.  Since I wasn't too anxious to sit on an airplane for hours (or in the car for that matter) we decided San Francisco was the perfect place.  We loved it!  Phil was such a good sport to walk slowly around this beautiful city with a 7 month preggo lady who was obviously waddling by the end of each day.  DSC03876_edited-2
(the golden gate bridge) 
(sea lions on the pier)
(oh, the chocolate!)
(it's ok if you start singing....everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there's a heart a hand to hold on to)
(the giants won 5-1....can I just say the fans here are awesome!) 
(the rock...aka alcatraz)
(and of course the day we went to see the bridge, it was completely fogged over)
(until we crossed to the other side)
Thanks to my lovely friend Linsdsey who gave us the best tips to enjoy our getaway!  We had such a great time.

back to school

My little buddy started back to school today.  We spent the morning counting down the hours until it was time to go, he was just a little bit excited.  I love that he is growing up, but hate it, too.  Man, I love this kid!



One of the funnest parts of having boys is taking them camping.  Whether it's in the backyard, or even just one night, they LOVE it!  At the beginning of this summer we co-purchased a tent trailer with my parents and we've had a few chances to take it out.  We're still getting used to it, so we've only pulled one-nighters.  We'll save the major camping trips for when the boys are a little older (and I'm a little less pregnant).  

On this trip, we happened to pick the one night that there were major thunderstorms across the state.  Luckily, we stayed dry and the boys slept through most of the storm.  I, unfortunately, was awake most of the night worrying about everything that could go wrong (which I do very well, by the way).  But the boys were just as happy playing in the mud in the morning as they were the dirt the night before.  Nothing a little laundry can't fix for a great night of fun.  

a pirate's life for me

Today the boys built a fort while I was mopping the kitchen floor.  They pretended to be pirates and hid their treasure in a secret hiding spot.  I love the days when they play together so nicely.  DSC03806_edited-1

The New Bagno

Around Christmas time last year I started talking to a buddy of mine about remodeling our master bathroom.  We have a wall between the shower, bathtub that didn't appear to be serving any serious purpose, the shower was a cheap plastic insert, the countertops were lame and the faucets were starting to break.  My friend seemed pretty excited about helping out and Jen and I had been watching a fair amount of HGTV, so we got started.



We got started at the end of January.  We started by ripping up the floor, tearing out the shower, taking out the cabinets (Jen painted them white for reuse), and breaking off the ugly white tile surrounding the bathtub.  The drywall behind the ugly white tile started coming off with the tile, so we decided to just take out the wall and replace the drywall.



We needed to put down cement backer board on top of the subfloor because we were replacing laminate with tile.  Through this point it'd been pretty easy.



I was starting to get tired of spending every spare hour I had in this bathroom, so the professionals installed the countertop when they delivered it.  Worth every penny.


We'd gotten a shower pan type kit, that included a tapered floor for the shower, then we had this stuff that we painted on the walls that acted as a membrane to waterproof the shower.



By this point, I'd spent so much time at the hardware store that I'd gotten to know all the employees by name, and even met one of their girlfriends.  We needed to rent a tile saw to cut the tiles because we'd decided to use 18X18 tiles diagonally.  So, I was cutting tiles from about 8 AM to 1130 PM with a 2 hour break to go to my nephew's baptism.  Then, when we were laying the tile down the next weekend, for some reason we mixed up the entire bag of mortar.  After about halfway through we were racing against the mortar drying.  At some point the next week, I pulled a towel off the bar, and the towel bar chose this moment (not any of the previous 10 years since the house had been built) to detach itself from the wall.  Of course, it fell on and cracked a tile that we had left on the floor after fitting.  Luckily, I had plenty extra tiles and Lowe's lets you use their tile saw if you don't mind the inconvenience.

Cutting the tiles for the shower was easier, but installing them was harder.  We'd decided to use a prebuilt shelf, but that needed about a quarter inch more than we had between our wall and the other drywall, so we installed another sheet of plywood behind the cement backer board (we'd done this before water proofing).  The shelf was a nightmare trying to match up with tiles and such.  The shower handle needed a handle extension that only one hardware store in the state carried.  At the end of this, I never wanted to see another tile saw.

After installing all the tiles, grouting was pretty easy.  I learned it's probably worth a couple bucks for the plastic gloves (I went through a day and a half or so of extremely red and raw hands, not sure if it was the abrasive nature of the grout or some kind of allergy I have).

(No pictures during this time because I was so sick of the whole project)

I left Jen in charge of most of the painting and she did an awesome job.  We installed the baseboards with the help of an old pro (Jen's dad), installed the lights, and we were done.




And my favorite part was the mood lighting (and shelf) we put over the tub.  I'd actually pushed for installing a free standing tub, but I think this is a cheaper option to get a nice effect.


Can't say I'm excited to do another huge renovation project, but I learned quite a bit doing this one.

number 3


Phil is well on his way to building his basketball team.  This pregnancy has been so different, we were both sure this baby would be a girl.  So we were a little surprised to find out that in fact we are having another boy.  But we are still excited and happy that everything looks healthy.  I guess I need to keep trying to train myself that bugs and snakes are fun and not disgustingly creepy.  

Independence Day


The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  I think living in Washington DC for a few years just gave me a new perspective on everything we celebrate.  The last time we visited DC, Phil and I were able to see the newly restored "Star-Spangled Banner."  I stood in the room bawling thinking about everything it stood for, and now every time I hear our National Anthem I get a little misty-eyed.  

Anyway, I love being able to teach our boys about the holidays and why we celebrate.  This year we went to a parade and watched some local fireworks.  Despite the above picture (we were sitting in 90 degree weather) the kids quite enjoyed the parade.  Sam waved at all the horses and tractors and Wade loved racing to pick up the candy that was thrown.  

I love this country and all the freedoms that come with it.  Happy Independence Day!

Yep....#3 is coming just before Christmas.
(kind of explains why the blog has been lacking lately.)

End of the week

There are a few things Wade absolutely loves. The list is:
Macaroni & cheese
Ice cream
Cottage cheese
Camping (pronounced tamping and only done when it is 'end of week')

This time we just came out back.