Back in May, Phil and I were able to take a trip to Paris and London to celebrate our upcoming 10 year anniversary.  It was so great to take a trip with just the two of us in some of the greatest cities in the world.  Paris was a dream.  We loved the city, the food the art....everything.  We ate lunch on the Eiffel Tower, saw some of my favorite impressionist paintings, gawked over the Mona Lisa, stood in awe at Notre Dame, got lost at Versailles, and so much more.  

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joy school

Another school year has come and gone.  I loved doing joy school with my sweet Sam this year.  We had the sweetest group of little girls (+Sam) and I truly loved watching them all learn and grow this year.  Sam has already informed me that he wants to marry one of these little girls and constantly asks if we can call and talk to the others.  He's a pretty lucky little man.IMG_0597_edited-1 IMG_0608_edited-1 IMG_0609_edited-1

blue bonnets

These boys! They have my heart. (Even if they can't all look and smile at the camera at the same time.)
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the firehouse

Last week Sam's little joy school group took a field trip to the fire house.  They learned a little about fire safety and got to enjoy checking out the truck, spraying the hose, and ringing the fire bell.  Sam was in little boy heaven.  Luke was, too..he was just a little weary of the firemen.  IMG_0207_edited-1 IMG_0228_edited-1 IMG_0237_edited-1 IMG_0249_edited-1


IMG_0261_edited-1After what has seemed like weeks and weeks of having another wiggly tooth, he finally let me pull out his second tooth tonight.  He's pretty pumped...and pretty cute, too.  

planting a seed

Tonight we planted our little garden with our boys.  It took quite a bit of work to get it all weeded after we gave up on it last year.  But the boys were thrilled and said it was such a great night.  (Although I'm sure they would have had even more fun if I had just given them shovels and let them have at the dirt). Hopefully we will see some of the fruit of our labor before we leave Texas in a few months.  IMG_0163_edited-1 IMG_0161_edited-1 IMG_0157_edited-1 IMG_0156_edited-1 IMG_0158_edited-1


He is getting so big.  Almost too big to snuggle on my lap anymore.  I love this boy.  For his seventh birthday, he requested pancakes with a candle for breakfast, and a trip to ITZ (like a larger Chuck E Cheese) with a friend...and to wear a hoodie so he could be like his dad.  Easy enough.

This sweet boy deals with so much from us as we learn to be parents.  He can be such a good helper with his brothers, and he loves school.  He is getting quite good at piano and is taking golf he can be like his dad.  (Can you tell he kind of adores his dad?)  He loves to ride his bike, loves all things chocolate and still loves his matchbox cars.  

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We had a fabulous Christmas break!  Phil was transitioning in between jobs so he had quite a bit of extra time at home.  I am pretty sure my boys would not have even missed Christmas if they could stay home and wrestle with their dad all day.  But to give Phil a break, we took a quick trip to SeaWorld in San Antonio.  It was a lovely day.  Sam was even brave enough to ride one of the big rides with his dad.  

We talked to Santa before Christmas.  Sam was a little shy.  Luke warmed up to him once I told him he got a candy cane if he gave Santa a hug.  We had a lovely Christmas Eve with cousins, which included decorating cookies, acting out the nativity, and opening new Christmas pajamas, made by mama.  

Christmas day was a little magical.  They boys only asked for one present each this year and were truly thrilled to receive it.  Wade learned a whole bunch of Christmas songs this year, and even now we find him still humming them to himself.  The best Christmas present we received this year was a visit from my parents.  They boys were in heaven....for a whole week.  We all got a little teary eyed when they went home.  

Lucky for us, the separation will be short.  Phil started a new job with Ebay this week, located back in Salt Lake City.  We are staying in Houston until school is out, when we plan to move back to Utah.  2015 should bring another adventure for us, and we can't wait.  
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