blue bonnets

Last week we took a trip to downtown Houston to take the boys pictures in the famous Texas blue bonnets.  I ended up pulling Wade out of school for the day, which I felt a little guilty about at the time, but am so glad I decided to do it.  I loved watching the boys explore the giant field of flowers, just having fun being little boys.  After pictures, we played at the park and had a picnic with our cousins.  And after that, I surprised the boys with a trip to the children's museum.  We had so much fun together.  I was totally unplugged from my phone and it made such a difference.  I got to take time to play with each of my boys, and they totally ate up the attention.  And do you know what, I kind of ate it up, too.  I'm going to try to be better about making moments like these, because they are growing up so fast.  DSC04674_edited-1


It has been a rough few months here.  I have been in a slump.  But Spring is here and we have made some changes around our home.  Things are looking up.  

Over Spring Break, I set a goal with Wade to teach him how to ride his bike without training wheels.  Wade is my child who is not athletically inclined.  He gets frustrated when things don't come easy to him.  We started by taking the training wheels and pedals off his bike to let him get used to balancing.  He can only barely touch the ground on his bike and it made him nervous.  He tried.  But it was hard.  And more often than not, he asked to quit.  He was frustrated, we were frustrated.  We all tried to give up at some point.  But between Wade, Phil and myself, we kept each other going.  And then yesterday, it clicked. video

It made my mama heart so happy to see him accomplish something that was so hard.  We couldn't get him off.  He just wanted to keep going and going.  Hopefully, he'll be able to look back to this someday when things are hard, and remember that he can do hard things.  


Wade turned six last week.  We let him have his first "friend" party and he chose a Mario surprise there.  We let him invite a few friends from church and school and it was honestly so fun.  It was fun to watch him interact with his friends and to get to see all of these little people's personalities.  Happy Birthday little buddy!DSC04634_edited-1 DSC04636_edited-1 Untitled-1 DSC04651_edited-1 


These little men....they can be complete goons sometimes.  If you could have seen the pictures I had to sort through to get this one.  Sometimes, being a mom is hard work.  Usually I feel over-worked, under-appreciated, tired, ignored, frustrated and pretty much like a broken record player.  But every now and again, I get a chance to stop and look at the big picture.  I get a glimpse of the men these sweet faces will become and am reminded of the gift they each are.  I am so thankful this Christmas to have my little family and know they are mine forever.  


My little Luke.  I can't believe it's been a whole year since you first entered our lives.  To say you have changed us would be an understatement.  I had no idea babies could be so difficult.  And yet, those smiles mean so much more to me when they come from you.  I love to watch you smile and play with your daddy and brothers, who you so adore.  I love that you love to peek around corners to play peek-a-boo.  And I love to watch you point at things when you get excited.  I love you little bug.  We are so happy you have blessed our little family this last year.    DSC04583_edited-1 DSC04592_edited-1 DSC04598_edited-1 DSC04607_edited-1


I keep telling this guy to stop growing on me, but it never seems to work.  He turned 3 this last Sunday. He requested a Mickey Mouse birthday (hence the mouse ears).  Sam is my independent child.  He wants to do everything by himself, especially if big brother can do it.  We got him a big boy bike for his birthday and he already rides it like a pro.  He loves to laugh and be funny. He loves his brothers.  And big surprise, he loves anything with wheels.  


pumpkin patch

It has kind of been a crazy October around here.  It seems like all of our weekends have been filled up with soccer, birthday parties, football, etc.  But we finally made a trip out to a pumpkin patch yesterday.  It wasn't the cool kind like back home where you can actually go pick your own pumpkin right off the vine, but the boys were excited to pick out a large pumpkin, and even more excited to take turns pulling it around in the wagon.  And guess what?? I even convinced Phil to come along...his first time ever!  DSC04512_edited-1