Sam is 5

Another year older!  We sure love our sweet Sam.  He is such a happy and loving little boy and we are so happy to watch him grow.  Since this little boy loves Thor, we had a little Avengers themed party.  

Everyone picked a team to be on.  And you know, sometimes Iron Man just has to pick his nose.IMG_0880_edited-1 
Their best superhero poses...IMG_0884_edited-1 
Some took their job more seriously than others.IMG_0899_edited-1 IMG_0950_edited-1 IMG_0920_edited-1 
We played Avengers games...IMG_0907_edited-1 
but the favorite was capturing the villain and tying him up (thanks for being such a good sport Grandpa!)IMG_0962_edited-1 
And of course we had Thor cupcakes.IMG_0873_edited-1
Thanks for turning 5 Sam and letting us celebrate you!


I opted not to do a theme this year, but to let the boys each pick their own costume.  Wade is really into space right now, and decided to be an astronaut.  He even helped me make his helmet.  Sam loves Thor...not exactly sure why.  All of the other Avengers are, well....they are just ok.  But Thor, he's the man.  And little Luke.  He had about 5 different costumes to pick from.  I tried to talk him into being cookie monster, but he insisted on wearing his ghost costume from last year, which is much too small, but he was cute all the same.  Phil and I even dressed up for our neighborhood block party.  (In case you can't tell, we are Flo and Mayhem).  We had a great night trick-or-treating with friends.IMG_0854_edited-1 IMG_0839_edited-1 IMG_0832_edited-1 IMG_0829_edited-1 IMG_0860_edited-1