Six Months

So I know everyone has been waiting to see me "fat" since you all thougt it would never happen. Here is a picture of me about half way through 6 months. At this point, I weigh more than I ever have in my entire life!


Jen and I took a trip over up to Philadelphia to see some of the historical sites. We found the liberty bell here. We also saw Valley Forge, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross's house, and had a genuine philly cheese steak.

Also out at Valley Forge, we saw a railroad station which was home to the Reading Railroad, featured in the Monopoly board game.

Weekend Shopping

This weekend we took advantage of all the Labor Day sales. We bought our first major baby item, a new dresser/changing table, which Phil did a great job of assembling. We also bought a new TV, something Phil has been waiting a very long time for. We found a really great deal at Circuit City on a Sharp 42" HD LCD. As I type, Phil is in the process of assembling it. I think this will keep him happy for a very long time.

Phil's Birthday

Phil turned 25 this week...a quarter of a century old!!! We had some friends over for chocolate cream cake and ice cream, Phil says the cake was delicious. For his birthday, Phil got the Tiger Woods PGA Tour game for the Wii. I think he played all day on Friday.