A Sad Day for the Cougars

Sadly yes, Saturday's game was quite depressing. However, we still managed to have an enjoyable time with our friends the Hoods, who are die hard TCU fans (they went to school there, and then moved to Virginia where we met them and instantly became great friends). Thanks for a great weekend guys! Hope you made the drive home safely!

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Pickin' Pumpkins

I love that everyone gets into Halloween here. It seems like when you live in an apartment (like we have the last 3 years) no one puts forth an effort for the holidays. We had a great time picking out our pumpkins today. Now all that's left is deciding what to carve on them. Any suggestions?

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Gardner Village

I haven't had anything to blog about in a while, since everyone has been sick for the longest time and we have done nothing but try to get better. Everyone was finally feeling good enough to take a stroll around Garner Village today. The kids loved running around, but as you can see Wade was less than thrilled about having his picture taken. It was nice to get out and enjoy fall weather though!