gone fishin

Last week was a bit of a nightmare.   Phil was out of town all week at a training seminar for his job.  Most of us left at home were sick.  And we had a few other stressful things going on.  So, being the rockstar mom that I am (sarcasm inserted here) my boys spent most of last week sitting in front of the Disney channel.  There is a reason we don't sit in front of the tv all day...it ends in tantrums, crying, meltdowns, yelling, etc.  

But this week we are on the mend, thank goodness for new weeks and antibiotics.  While I was busy catching up on cleaning and laundry this morning, I walked in on this scene.  I love that they are back to playing together , and that I don't have to endure another week of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.   DSC04145_edited-1

two months

It's really not fair that the newborn phase of having a baby goes by in such a blur of sleeplessness.  My little babe is already two months old.  He is my runt.  Currently he only weighs 10 and a half pounds putting him in  the 13th percentile.  My older two have never been below 75% in any category, so this is new territory for me.  While the first 6 weeks were rough, we are slowly adjusting and little Luke has melted my heart with his sweet smiles.  As long as he is not gassy, he is a happy little babe.  DSC04117_edited-1
I am hoping he turns out to be my blue-eyed babe...I think there is a good chance.