3rd Anniversary

For our 3rd anniversary, Phil and I spent a night down at Virginia Beach. We decided to take a trip instead of doing gifts this year. We had fun relaxing on the beach and walking on the boardwalk.

Phil loved the ocean, but it was a little too cold for me.

Wade was lucky enough to stay with his Grandma Broadbent while we were gone. I love being a mom, but it was sure nice to have a short break.

After our return, we got the whole east coast Broadbent club together for Sunday dinner.

Like Father Like Son

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A picture of Wade and myself at approximately the same age.

Great-Grandma Visit

Today my grandma (Wade's Great-Grandma) came into town and we got to show her around Washington D.C. We had a great time going to all the monuments...it's just too bad it was so hot (at least 96!!). Wade was a trooper in the heat and hardly complained. We also got to go visit Phil's office on our way home. He had fun showing his son off to everyone at work.

Wade also recently turned 6 months old. I am happy to report that his growth has slowed slightly and he is only in the 75% for height and weight now. So happy half-birthday Wade!