Christmas in Houston

We had a good time in Houston for Christmas this year. Wade was very excited to spend some time with his Grandma and Grandpa Broadbent. We made it to a park one of the first days we were there (while the weather was still in the joyful 70's).

Wade loves the animals in his books and often will give them loves, so you can imagine his excitement to see some live animals. It was all I could do to hold him back from giving this goose a hug.

Wade with his Grandma and Grandpa.

Playing with Uncle Mark and Aunt Amy. He sure loved all the attention.

This was the only picture we got of Wade actually interested in Christmas.

Most of the time Wade was chasing around his Aunt Katie's kitty.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve

We hope that your homes will be filled with the Spirit of Christ this season! Merry Christmas!

Big Boy

Wade is pretty good at feeding himself with a fork these days. I have been hesitant to let him use a spoon by himself because I don't want to clean up the mess that I know will ensue. However, a few nights ago we had mashed potatoes with dinner and I thought it might be a safe start. As you can see, Wade had a great time although I'm not sure many of the potatoes actually made it into his mouth.

Christmas Traditions

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is putting up the tree (and I'll admit. mine was up before Thanksgiving).

From December 2009
In my family, we had the tradition of collecting a new ornament each year as we were growing up. Then when we get married or move out, we have some ornaments to hang on our own tree. The ornament selected usually corresponded to a major event that happened that year. For example:

This was an ornament we got last year (2008) because we spent Christmas in DisneyWorld.

From December 2009
We bought this ornament in Venice (2007) to represent the year we visited Italy.

From December 2009
This is Wade's new ornament for the year. He LOVES phones and is such a chatterbox when he gets his hands on one. We thought it was fitting.

From December 2009

What are some of your favorite traditions?

Christmas Time is Here...

I am actually not posting this picture to show off Christmas decorations, but rather to show off the beautiful mantel that my sweet husband built for me, so that I would have somewhere to put Christmas decorations. Didn't he do an awesome job? (He built it from scratch!)
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This post is a little late in coming, but we had a great Thanksgiving here in Utah with my family. We had our own Turkey Bowl (which Grandma's team won, don't they look scary!)

We also made it out to see the lights at Temple Square, which has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember. I sure do miss going to see the candy window displays at the old ZCMI center though (any one else remember that?) We have so much to be thankful for and are so excited for Christmas!
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