Lots of fun

Yesterday my sister and I took our kids to the children's museum in Salt Lake. They had so much fun playing with everything they could get their hands on (and not being told no to anything!) Wade was most interested in anything with wheels. Go figure!


My Boys


I love my boys! They make me so happy. And because I love them so much, I have to take a minute to brag about them.

Phil first. Phil is the best husband ever. He works so hard for us and loves us so much. He always compliments my dinners, even if they are terrible. He always takes out the trash, and he never forgets to give me a hug when he gets home from work. This week he earned a big promotion at his job. Congrats baby! We are so proud of you!

And Wade. I just love his little face! I can't ever get enough of those oh-so-kissable cheeks. I took Wade to his 2 year check-up and he is doing great. He is in the 75% percentile for height and weight. Currently his favorite activities include peek-a-boo, opening and closing doors (of all kinds), and playing with anything that has wheels. He is so sweet ALL the time and we just love him.

Wade's 2nd

One year ago, we celebrated having a beautiful baby boy with us for a whole year. This year we got to celebrate having a beautiful baby boy with us for two whole years.

Wade knows how to say, "Choo choo", so Jen wanted to make a train cake.


Wade requested the caboose.


"This looks pretty good."


"Can you guys get me a fork?"


"Nevermind, I got it."


"What's next?"

Happy Birthday Wade

Happy Birthday to our baby boy who we can't believe is 2 today! It's been such a fun two years. We love you bud!

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Quiet Book

One of Wade's Christmas presents this year was a quiet book that I made for him. I've been working on this for the last few months, but I like how it turned out. These are just a few of the pages that I made.

If anyone wants to know where I got the ideas (I cannot claim them as my own) you can visit this blog (http://www.quietbook.blogspot.com/). I was able to do this for pretty cheap by raiding my mom's craft supply, so thanks mom!

Any suggestions for a new sewing project?