And just like that....

...we don't live here anymore.  We decided as a family to move to Houston for two years while Grandma and Grandpa Broadbent serve a mission.  We are going to take care of their house for them while they are gone.  The plan is to save up, and move back to Utah and build a bigger home.  We were able to sell our house very quickly (with some minor bumps in the road), and moved out within a month.  

I am not going to lie...I cried when we left.  We have loved our house, our neighborhood, ward and friends.  We have brought two of our children home from the hospital here, and the third wasn't even walking when we moved in.  So many memories happened here and I am sad to leave it behind.  

However, we are looking forward to spending time with all of our family in Texas (thank goodness there is a bunch) and for the new adventure that moving brings with it.  We move at the end of May, just after Wade finishes preschool.  

4 months

This little tyke is 4 months old now.  He has assumed a new sleeping position, with his hands behind his head.  While he still has some tummy issues (usually only when mommy sneaks ice cream), he makes up for it by smiling at anyone who will look at him.  And when I say smile, I mean a whole face grin.  He is still much smaller than my other boys, not quite fitting into 3-6 months clothes yet....something my other boys never had  problem with.  He can roll from his tummy to his back, and half way to his tummy from his back.  It won't be long till we have a rolly polly on our hands.  He doesn't sleep through the night yet, but then none of my babes have until about 9 months.  DSC04162_edited-1