things to remember

Last week when I was picking Wade up from school, one of the other moms informed me that Wade had invited her child, little Miss "S", over for a sleep over.  Little Miss "S" was very excited and told her mom that it was ok, because she and Wade loved each other.  Melted my heart!

Every day this kid can be found here, lining his favorite cars up...and yes, he knows the names of each one.  No matter what other toys or activities I try to involve him in, he has to bring along at least one car.  My view every day 
At Christmas, Santa brought us the game Super Mario Galaxy for our wii.  Playing it has been Wade and his dad's special time.  Last night just before bed, dad beat the first portion of the game.  Wade said, "Dad, I'm just going to be happy all night."  He has not stopped telling me all about it this morning, and he pretty much thinks his dad is a hero for beating it.  I channeled all his positive energy into art time and had him draw his dad a picture to express his excitement.  (His first drawing ever...if you can't tell, it's Mario saving the princess by the star).  wadesmario03202013_0000 
And this kid absolutely adores his baby brother.  Anytime Luke is awake, Wade can be found smiling and giggling with him and completely covering him in kisses.  I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts.  My biggest sure loves the littlest.

blessing day

After a string of scheduling errors and miscommunications, we decided to bless our little Luke today.  It was just a few family members gathered together at the church.  Luke wore the same outfit as his older brothers (and promptly spit up in it just like his brothers).  And being true to himself, Luke cried through most of the blessing.  The poor little guy has the worst tummy issues.  But we all still adore him and simply love having him in our family
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I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many cute boys.