Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas from the Broadbents! I hope each of you has been able to take a few moments amongst the hustle and bustle of purchasing presents, wrapping gifts, and stuffing stockings to remember the true meaning of the season. "For unto us a child is born ... the prince of peace." So here's a special holiday greeting from Wade.
And let's not forget the presents.

The Mouse

Need I say more?
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The Old Apartment

Wade found a little cubby he likes to hide in. It was only a matter of time before he figured that out, because he used to spend hours a day opening and closing the door.

About two weeks ago we packed up all our stuff and drove across the country so I could start my new job. This is my good friend Ryan who helped us pack ALL of our stuff into these two boxes. Hopefully he doesn't mind his picture being on a non-private blog.

And this is Wade, watching his Baby Einstein videos in the back seat of our car somewhere between VA and UT. He learned how to wave, so when I get home from work he waves violently to make sure I know he missed me.