I just finished my first week of full time work. It was mainly just training business, so I still don't have a good feel for how my job will be. At 5 oclock after work, though, I can still get home in 15-20 minutes, that's pretty good. If I do go to clients' offices, all the travel will be reimbursed. Jen and I went to see X-men, even though H already tipped me off to what was going to happen. Still a good watch. This week at work, we had IMPACT day which is the day where everyone at Deloitte goes and does service. We painted some fence at a high school that used to be Grover High School, that they played in Remember the Titans. So if you go watch that movie, you can see the fence we painted. Before that on Wednesday we had an AERS picnic, and a softball game between our office and the Baltimore office. We lost, but I had an RBI single.

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Phil,it's kenneth. I can't believe your working. I'm finishing up classes this week an dgoing home to collect sand dollars for the rest of the summer. I'm considering moving to DC when i graduate in April. I am tenatively planning in working for the State dept, but we will see what comes to fruition. hey i'm looking for a place to move to with my friend lee? would you reccomend king henry? well, enjoy your workweek and i will talk to you later.
p.s. sorry this was like an email for all to see.