6 years

Did you know today is our 6 year anniversary?
In the short 6 years we've been married it seems like we've been through quite a bit.
6- jobs between the two of us
5- vacations (with just us 2)
4- cars
3- moves
2- beautiful boys
1- dog

...and we're loving every minute of it.

Max's First Word

Who is Max you say? He is this lovely character from one of Wade's favorite books.
When Wade was a baby and we read this book to him, he would completely crack up. It's a cute book and all, but we never understood why he thought it was so funny.

Then tonight we pulled it out again, this time with Wade and Sam.
I don't get it, but I'm glad they were having such a good time.


Tonight we celebrated, and I'll just leave it at that.

8 months

Another month has already gone by? Instead of a picture this month, I am sharing a video. Sam finally figured out how to inch forward about a week ago. The thing that is so funny about this, is he does it the exact same way Wade did it...for teddy grams and all.

I love watching this little guy figure things out.

Oh, and for the record, he also figured out how to sit up by himself.

my boys

Because everyone keeps saying that Sam is a mini-Wade...
They are definitely brothers though.

in a week

We had a fantastic holiday weekend. We saw a parade and lots of fireworks. We had a fabulous BBQ and loved spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, I was so busy having fun I didn't take a single picture.

I know....gasp!
(maybe my sister will send me some pics soon...hint, hint)

However, I am trying to be better about taking pictures, so here are a few from the last week I took with my ipod.

Enjoying popsicles with friends
Riding the carousel at the zoo
Enjoying Daddy's new hammock
My cute Sam
We have played with cars a lot lately