Daddy's Helper

It snowed today...quite a bit. Wade really wanted to go outside and help his daddy shovel the driveway and we were happy to oblige. He's such a cute little helper, insisting he didn't need any help!


I am thankful for each of these faces. They make me so happy!

philpicnic copy

Week 1


To celebrate Sam being with us for a week, Wade decided to get an eye and ear much fun. Luckily, he is taking it like a champ and doesn't even mind that I make him wash his hands every 10 minutes. He absolutely loves his little brother, usually asking to see him first thing in the morning.
Sam has been an angel, making it pretty easy for me to take care to two kids...for now anyway.



Here is the short version of the story for those who care:

Nov. 9 9 am: 38 week check-up; at a 2 1/2; doctor stripped membranes
Nov. 10 2:30 am: I wake up to contractions 8 minutes apart
Nov. 10 4 am: Contractions are 5 minutes apart and I wake Phil up to get ready
Nov. 10 6 am: I call my mom to come stay with Wade so we can head to the hospital
Nov. 10 8:30 am: At a 4 and finally admitted to the hospital; contractions still aren't too bad at this point
Nov. 10 9 am: My doctor breaks my water and contractions immediately get MUCH worse
Nov. 10 somewhere between 9 and 10 am (I am delerious with pain and cannot be held accountable for the time): Get epidural and the doc tries to figure out how much I need; I think I am going to die, literally; 3 doses later he finally gets it right (5 minutes before I start pushing)
Nov. 10 10:39 am: Sam has arrived and is perfectly healthy and I am so relieved!
Nov. 11 around 6 am: that 3 doses of anesthesia finally wear off and I can feel my toes again!

My Little Brother

I spent the morning with my Grandma at her office today. I didn't know why I was there (and not with my Mom) until we stopped at the hospital after lunch. Turns out my Mom finally found a little brother for me. She calls him Sam.
He was 7 lbs, 8 ounces and is doing very well, as is Mom.

A Lovely Day

I wanted to get out and do something fun with Wade today while the weather was still nice, and also to give him some much needed attention before baby brother comes. So we spent the afternoon at the park and it was lovely.
Wade would run through the leaves saying, "this is fun daddy!"
I love watching Wade with his daddy. They are such good buds. Wade wasn't too fond of the swings though and begged his daddy to take him home so they could watch football together. How could we refuse such a request?


We had a few set backs on Halloween night (Saturday for us), but we still managed to get out and have some fun. Wade ran around saying "Yee-Haw" fully getting into his character. He was also quite enthused by all the pumpkins and the lights inside.

Wade requested we make a Mickey Mouse pumpkin this year and we were happy to oblige.

Hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween!