We've finally made it out to Fairfax, Virginia. It was quite the drive. Longer than I've done in a while. We ended up going with a Penske truck, which was a lot nicer than I was expecting. Just a couple of days before we left, they called and undercut Uhaul on their price. I have very little brand loyalty, so I decided to switch. Phil and Jimmy came and helped bring all of our stuff down on Monday morning, then dropped me off to pick up the truck. I was counting on Seth to come help out with the rest, as the event "has been on his calendar for months," but it turned out he had taken a bike ride. Jen and I took care of it ourselves. Most of the hassle was organizing everything in the truck anyway. Another person would've been in the way. Then we closed the door on our first apartment together and left for Centerville to continue the packing. We had quite a bit of stuff up there, but in all the excitement, we forgot to pack our BBQ. So we'll have to decide what to do about that.
I had prepared several books on tape to listen to, but we only managed to listen to Ender's Shadow, which was rather lengthy. I began to tire of the intense thought processes that Bean went through in everything that happened to him. At the end, Orson Scott Card offered an afterword, commenting that lots of people have said that they want to see a movie of Ender's Game, but he's not sure that will work out.
After arriving here, we got our apartment. A guy came and offered to help move us in, and it turned out he had come from Utah just a year or two ago. They offered to give us dinner that night so we wouldn't have to have another fast food meal.
Yesterday, we decided to go up into the city and we went to several landmarks. We started at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, which I thought was rather interesting. We saw the flag they flew at the pentagon on September 12, after the attacks. They had the first national flag as well that they were restoring. There was also one of the suns from the Nauvoo temple. Then we went to the GW Monument, swung by the White House and finished at the Lincoln Memorial. All very exciting. I guess that's all for today. Look for updates in the future.

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