Dodgers Stadium

I'm using the Blog This button you can find in Picasa2 from google to create this blog. I thought you'd all be impressed.
I thought I'd also incorporate Tina's policy of always having a picture on your blog. I imagine that makes it easier to read. This is us at Dodgers Stadium in LA. The Dodgers creamed the Brewers. It was a beautiful day, and there's not much better than watching a baseball game and eating a Dodger Dog.
We went to the National Zoo the other day. In the invertebrate section they have a display of spiders, and they forgot to put the glass up, I think, because the spiders can just crawl out and around it they wanted to. That creeped me out, so we left. The lion and tiger were both just sitting there staring. There was a guy that threw a big hunk of meat at him, so he went and got it and went back to staring.
I'll be starting my new job a week from Monday. It'll be my first full time employment, so I guess that's something. Posted by Picasa

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