I've recently returned from a trip to southern California. The weather was quite overcast and chilly, which I thought was surprising. The first day we spend split between Disneyland and California Adventures, going on such rides as Space Mountain, the Matterhorn, Tower of Terror, and other such infamous rides. I decided the best ride was a mixture of drops and very fast speeding up. I suppose in this day we're more accustomed to going fast, so that's not as much a thrill any more, but the excessive acceleration is quite a thrill. Almost like driving a Porsche. We ate lunch at Club 33, an exclusive restaurant on the Disneyland Campus. I ate lamb chops for the first time. It's sad that they killed a lamb for that, but it sure was good. Perhaps the lamb died of natural causes.

The next day was spent at Universal Studios. I met Spiderman, Captain America (who seemed quite pretentious), and King Kong. We also took the tour, and drove past the area that was filmed as the Back to the Future courthouse. That was something. Then we went on the Jurassic Park ride, which features an excellent drop at the end. We were actually one of the last cars to go, and the kid next to me wanted to hold my hand. That was weird.

We attended church at a local ward on Sunday. One of the little kids tried to get out of going by pooping in his pants right as we got there, but emergency actions were taken, and everyone returned in time for the meeting.

Monday we were back at Disneyland for a few more rides, then back to Utah. We had a little bit of a booking problem at the airport, but it looks to be straightened out shortly.

All said and done, it was a fine trip. Fun was had, memories made, relationships strengthened.

In a contemporary note, on the show "24", why didn't Chloe just blog what was on the memory key before she did anything with it. At least making a copy of it would've been smart.

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Andrea said...

you said in your first post that you wanted comments. and i noticed you didn't have very many. so i thought i'd help you out. i'm sorry southern ca was cloudy for you. sometimes we just do it to discourage the tourists.