Clicking for Pennies

I'm glad to see Tina joined up and got back on the blogging bandwagon. I think it's a good way for people to keep up on other people without having to call everyone. My brother Steve is a fan of that, but it takes a good portion of your nights to do that, and I don't think I want to spend my nights that way...I have to think for two.

We watched American Idol last night. Yes, I watch that. I think Taylor Hicks will win. He was better. I got sucked in to watching House as well, which turned out to be a let down. It seemed like this weird illness, but it turned out just to be hallucinations.

Since I have virtually no responsibilities until I start work, I'd like to sleep in until around 11, but our bedroom window gets the sun in the morning. So, I get up at around 7 every day. I think I'll go drive around tomorrow at about this time, just to get a feel for the 'real' traffic. We've done a pretty good job until now of avoiding all the traffic by leaving the house at odd times. I thought it'd be good to figure out what time I should leave. I have a friend who has nightmares of showing up at work the first day late. I agree it probably would be bad, but I don't have nightmares.

I've put an ad at the top of my blog, and encourage people to click on it, regardless of what it is. It won't put spyware onto your computer, or flood your emailbox with SPAM, I will be paid per click, though. If you do some of the clicking and come out to see us in DC, perhaps I'll buy you something nice with the proceeds.


Helaman said...

So if I click this so called SPAM free link you will make a penny. Thats great! When I come to VA you can buy me a gumball, although I think the going price on those these days is 5 cents.

Mary P said...

It seems to me that if I do the clicking, shouldn't I get the money? I'm doing all the work!

candice said...

hey guess what? neal and i are moving to reston, virginia in december! where are you living? we are moving ourselves as well, i'm curious to hear more about your drive. keep me posted.

bloggerBYU said...

this is the most boring blog ever.