October 31

Around this house, we have been counting down to Halloween since October 1.  Every morning Wade has asked what day it is, found it on the calendar and counted how many more days until the 31st.  

Unfortunately, earlier this week Wade tested positive for influenza b....so he has not been feeling his best.  But after counting down for 31 days, I just couldn't tell him no trick-or-treating.  So we dressed up in our pirate gear (and sanitized our hands)  and headed down the street.  We only made it up and down one small street, but it sure made one little boy happy.

The pirate
and his parrot
Sam was not as convinced about this whole dressing up thing until he got that first piece of candy in his bucket.  We could not run to the next house fast enough.  At one point, there were two homes in a row where no one was home.  At the second, Sam broke down sobbing saying "trick-or-treat" pointing to the door.  Even though his little bucket got so heavy, he would not let go of it.  I think they had a great time.

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