One of the funnest parts of having boys is taking them camping.  Whether it's in the backyard, or even just one night, they LOVE it!  At the beginning of this summer we co-purchased a tent trailer with my parents and we've had a few chances to take it out.  We're still getting used to it, so we've only pulled one-nighters.  We'll save the major camping trips for when the boys are a little older (and I'm a little less pregnant).  

On this trip, we happened to pick the one night that there were major thunderstorms across the state.  Luckily, we stayed dry and the boys slept through most of the storm.  I, unfortunately, was awake most of the night worrying about everything that could go wrong (which I do very well, by the way).  But the boys were just as happy playing in the mud in the morning as they were the dirt the night before.  Nothing a little laundry can't fix for a great night of fun.  

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Nicole said...

Fun! Kaulana and I were just talking about how we would love to have a tent trailer after our last campout.