100th Entry

100 Entries!

Shortly after returning from Italy I started sending periodic updates of my life to my following, a practice I titled "Phil's Pills". The title came from a website I created even prior to serving a mission in Italy (they were labeled "Epistles" while I was in Italy) on geocities. I labeled it "Phil's Pills" mainly for the rhyming affect.

The earliest recording I have of the Phil's Pills updates being sent out is from my newly created Gmail account dated 10/25/04. These updates were pretty mindless and I can't really blame a portion of my readers who didn't actually read them, but promptly hit the archive/delete button.

This practice continued until Phil's Pills started using a Blog as a medium to reach its readers on 4/18/06, with an entry documenting my niece's new Easter dress. The final emailing of Phil's pills was on 9/30/06, urging readers to visit the blog often.

Since then, Jen and I have taken turns updating the blog with events from our lives. Some of the highlights include moving to Virginia, a documentary about Jen, a trip to Italy, the Wade being born, cherry blossoms in DC, and Wade's first attempt at crawling.

So, Phil's Pills has seen a lot in my life, from finding my beautiful wife,

Jen and me at Virginia Beach, VA
to the birth of my little boy,

Wade and me before we went to workout

Here's to another couple hundred over another couple years!


E Harestad said...

Good for you...on TV when shows have there one hundredth episode, usually they have a big cake, sometimes people jump out of them. You should get one of those. I love the sweatband, by the way.

Mom Karen said...

You make me smile! I'm so glad that Phil's Pills, and the accompanying "Phil" found us!

Kawika and Aly and Emma said...

okay...I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of little Wade!! SO ADORABLE!! I just want to play with him!