Inspired by the recent additions from Tina and H on their blog, and since people tell me I'm too centered around myself, I decided to come up with some Interesting facts about Jen Broadbent:

1. She danced her way around Europe with the Ricks Folk Dance team.

2. She underwent major brain surgery as a 5th grader to remove a tumor.

3. As a senior in college she preferred her faded goldish '92 Camry over her little brother's Maxima.

4. She spent most of her adult life believing that her natural hair color was 'mousy', until her husband convinced her otherwise.

5. Though she admits it is quite dorky, she clogs, but at least she's the best at it and has clogged to songs ranging from Michael Jackson to the Nike commercial where they're dribbling and passing the basketball around.

6. She enjoyed taking naps laying on her mom's stomach as a child.

7. Her favorite color is yellow. (Though she rarely wears it.)

8. She is able to drive a manual transmission car and refuses to do so.

9. She put her husband through the rest of his college after they were married by selling wedding bands to unsuspecting suckers on the internet.

10. She has lived her entire married life next door to a hospital.

11. She often pretends to be asleep on the couch so her husband will carry her back to bed.

12. She took her life into her own hands every day in high school when she drove a subaru that often mistook "Go" for "Stop".

13. She scared her father one night by bringing home a boy she'd been dating for a couple of months, and making him think the boy was going to ask to marry her, when her dad's house was just closer than the drive all the way back to Provo.

14. She speaks 2 languages (English and German).

15. She grew up in Blackfoot, ID.

16. She outski her husband down the mountain, 3 times to his one (on the snowboard).

17. Of the 36 hour drive to her new home in Fairfax from Provo, she drove 2 in Kansas.

18. She is a public notary of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

19. She played catcher for a softball team that won the Provo City League Championship game.

20. She can count on one hand the number of times she paid to do laundry during while she attended BYU.

21. Her favorite ice cream is Peppermint, but only eats it during the Christmas holiday season, and not even a whole carton when she does.

22. She thinks it is harder to clean the kitchen/bathroom floor with a mop then on her knees with a rag.

23. She prefers to clean the bathroom than take out the trash, and made a deal with her husband to that effect.

24. Her brother-in-law used to hold her down and lick her face to wake her up if she was sleeping in.

25. She danced at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake.

26. She amazes everyone with the pies, cookies, and cakes that she bakes, but rarely eats them.

27. Always claims she watches too much television, but holds fast to American Idol, Lost, Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, and of course, 24.

28. She has four nephews and a niece, 3 named after influential leaders, and one named for a surfer.

29. She refuses to sleep without a blanket, regardless of the fact that it could be 85 degrees in the house.

30. Her favorite christmas movie is "White Christmas" and tries to make it a tradition every year to watch it.

31. She claims to have met her husband in the hospital, when she really met him through a friend, but the hospital makes a better story.

32. She worked for her mother the entire time she was in college, and sometimes her mother worked for her.

33. She reads her father-in-law's weekly emails much closer than her husband does.

34. After eating a lot of sugar or sweets, she craves anything with salt on it.

35. She loves to put together puzzles.


Chris said...

That was such a cute entry! I love that you did jen and I enjoyed learning so much about her. Keep it coming

Thwarthwimple said...

only two hours? and in KANSAS? Veeeeeeeeeery stranage.

mary said...

That's about the darn sweetest thing I've ever read.