We went camping with the boys last weekend.  They were in heaven...something tells me this is what my summers will be like for, oh, the rest of my life.  We only went for one night, but they loved every minute of it, and since we have a tent trailer, it's not so bad for me.  I was worried about how Luke would handle it, but he did great.  Sam got out of the car and immediately started picking up and throwing rocks (such a boy).  Wade was daddy's little helper, he'll be a boy scout before we know it.  We're packing up to head to Texas this week, so we may have a camping hiatus for a while.  Unless of course its for boys night out.  

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Jenni said...

so fun! I grew up camping in maine & canada. Rod is a city kid...camping is not on his must do list...but I will convert him yet:) looks like a blast!