5 months

This little man is finally starting to get some chubs on him...not much, but a little squishiness (probably due to him wanting to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours...really?).  We also got him on some reflux medicine and life got a whole lot easier.  I wouldn't go as far as to say I have 3 kids down to a tee, but we are making improvements.  Luke is a little flirt.  He loves faces. He will stare at the entire room until he finds one and then grin from ear to ear.  He still loves to be held up, but now its because he wants to see what is going on, and not just because his tummy hurts.  DSC04168_edited-1
Wade has always adored Luke, remembering to say thank you for him in each of his prayers.  Sam has been fairly indifferent until recently, probably because Luke cried so much for a while there.  But now Sam seems quite fascinated with his baby brother, and always likes to help out.  Unfortunately, when you are two, its not always quite helping.  But I'll still take the brotherly love for as long as it lasts.  At least Luke isn't quite so breakable now, right?  

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