Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween.

We had our second annual murder mystery dinner. It was quite a treat. The murderer turned out to be Bo-Jo Boarder. He was jealous of his boss, so he knocked him off. It was a hawaiian-themed event, and was aptly called a "Lethal Luau". Hijinks ensued.

We're expecting a visit from Jen's parents, soon. Maybe I'll take her dad to play 18 holes, please use the voting button to show who you think will finish with a better score.


Chris said...

Sounds like a fun night. How do you get those murder mystery dinner things? I have heard of them but where do they come from?

yoohoo said...

in case you were wondering i voted for you with a handicapped. looks like things are progressing nicely. maybe you'll get lucky and have it on christmas

Thwarthwimple said...

what's a hijink?