A Houston Thanksgiving

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Houston with Phil's side of the family. We had just over a week there and it was nice to be able to have so long to relax. We also loved spending time with everyone since we do not get to see them very often. Here are pictures of some of the activities we did while we were there.
We had a rousing game of mini-golf, which Phil won due to his practicing on the Wii.
We took a trip to the Houston Space Center where we got to see where astronauts train, the original Houston command center, and some pretty big space ships.
Grandma Nancy gave me my first crochet lesson. I'm afraid I didn't pick it up very fast, I'm still not sure what "yarn over" means.
And it wouldn't be a complete trip without some go-kart racing.

We ended the trip with the Houston 10k Turkey Trot, which all four brothers ran. They all did surprisingly well considering the temperature was only in the 40's. Following the race we had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to the Broadbent's for giving us a great vacation!


Thwarthwimple said...

so, uh, what was your time, Phil?

phil said...

1:01:39 . Not fantastic, but I wasn't last place.