Well, at the start of July, I thought I'd make it so that another month shows up on the side of the blog under Previous Posts. I feel like new man now that our insurance with Deloitte has kicked in.

I went and got VA plates for my car, and it took more time getting there than it did to actually get them. There were policemen blocking the road for some reason, and I spent a good part of my trip to the DMV in some random neighborhood. I got Patriot plates, being Independence Day weekend, I thought it would be appropriate.

We went to see Superman Returns last night, I was pleased. His boots and uniform were certainly a step up from the silly tights Christopher Reeve wore. Smallville doesn't really show him in tights or anything. My friend explained that, "No tights, no flights." I guess that's why he doesn't fly too much on that show.


Christina said...

Why doesn't Jen post?

Pete said...

I agree with Christina. I think Jen's narratives would be a welcome reprieve from Red Fox.