We purchased a new couch recently. Apparently it's a loveseat, but I just don't feel manly saying loveseat. We went and watched my super exgirlfriend the other night looking for some laughs, but were sorely disappointed in the selection of jokes. I think that will end my philosophy of "well, as long as it's free"(we had used the tickets we'd gotten from American Eagle for trying on pants, see previous post) as for going to movies. I adopted this policy back in Provo where we had the beloved dollar theater, and if you ever needed to soak up two hours of a date, that's where you could be found. I guess those days are in the past.
I noticed that I wait all year for summer to come, and then when it does I just complain about the heat. Apparently, I'm tough to please. Although, it seems like winter in my office with the way they have the thermostat.

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Thwarthwimple said...

Speaking of dollar movies: Brother Snyder told me that there's an "almost-dollar" movie down Braddock road, right passed George Mason. It's in the "University Mall" that's directly south of the campus.

Shannon and I are checking it out asap!