oil ranch

Today our church did a play group at a local oil ranch.  I invited my sister-in-law to come along with her kids.  Sam and Clark had so much fun running around together.  We rode trains, tractors, fed cows (of which I think Sam may be scared of forever), saw lots of animals, rode ponies and swings, and picked pumpkins.  The kids completely wore themselves out, but it was a great day.  DSC04470_edited-1 photo 2 (1)_edited-1 DSC04500_edited-1 DSC04493_edited-1 DSC04490_edited-1 DSC04481_edited-1

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Mom Karen said...

Oh, what fun! Sorry for the cow trauma. I think I may have felt violated, also! Good thing Clark was there to take him mind off it! Love to all.