a date

Last weekend, Phil and I took Wade to his first BYU football game (which was awesome, by the way).  We told him it was a special date with his mom and dad.  He loved every minute of it, and did very well sitting through the whole game.  IMG_1619
Fast forward to this week.  Wade brought his schoolwork home on Tuesday and as I was looking through it, I noticed that he had written "BYU" at the top of most of the pages.  We have previously talked to him about not writing/scribbling on his work, so I was surprised when I saw this.  I mean, I'm glad he had fun at the game, but I didn't think it would warrant writing on his papers.  Then I realized exactly where he had written it...right after "date."  He just thought he was supposed to write what he did on his date.  Love this kid.  He kind of melts my heart sometimes.  

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Mom Karen said...

Well...what do you expect when you tell him he's going on a DATE? How great is that? We love him too. GO COUGARS!!