road trip

We took a little road trip to Dallas this weekend to see our sweet new nephew be blessed.  Our little buddy Clark got to ride with in our van with us on the way there.  Clark and Sam are like two peas in a pod.  I see lots of mischief happening with them over the next two years.  On our way, we stopped and had a picnic at the Sam Houston statue.  The statue is pretty awesome, but having a picnic in the afternoon in Houston in August....well, it's not quite as awesome.  DSC04350 DSC04356_edited-1
The cousins all had so much playing together.  I love seeing my boys play with their cousins.  It reminds me of my childhood days.  I hope they grow up to be as close as I was with my cousins.  
And the boys got to see their sweet Aunt Katie again.  We don't get to see her very often, but we love her!  DSC04372_edited-1

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