back to school

We did it. We survived our first day of kindergarten.  And yes, I mean we.  I was discouraged from walking Wade into his classroom this morning, so I had to send my 5 year old off to a new school by himself from the curb.  He turned around, smiled at me, waved and he was off.  He was so happy and excited.  I was a wreck. I have to give props to his school.  They astounded me with their organization.  I had nothing to worry about, my little one was in good hands.  But I missed him dearly.  

 But we did it.  

It gets easier from here right?  Oh wait, no I still have to send him off on the bus....maybe next week.
  DSC04430_edited-1 DSC04429_edited-1
I am going to miss this little helper this year.  Love him.


The Jensens said...

What a handsome little man! Maya starts preschool in two weeks and I'm just dreading that, I am proud of you Jen! It's exciting but sad.

Matt and Lisa said...

I don't like that they have to grow up! :( He looks so cute though.

J Montgomery said...

Cute kid.