Popsicle Mess

A while ago, my wife set up a babysitting arrangement with her sister so that both her and her sister get approximately 1 or 2 'date nights' a month (with their respective husbands, of course). We generally take advantage of being able to go places with no child in tow, like a movie or a nicer dinner, etc.

The real fun comes on the weekends when we're babysitting though, when we get the nephews and niece.

We had the kids over quite a bit when their Mom was at girls camp. We always want to make sure the kids have a good time, so one night we gave them all popsicles to eat outside.

Doesn't that make you cringe? We took his shorts off and hosed him down before we gave him back.


Emily said...

I NEVER let Logan get that dirty. He is ALWAYS in tip top condition when I'm in charge.

Really, I swear.

He looks like he had a fantastic time.

Did I ever tell you thank you enough for doing this? I'm sure I didn't. So again, thank you!!

Emily said...

I love your updated blog, by the way.

Mom Karen said...

Hey, Phil...Wade looks like that all the time when he is with us...we just don't let YOU see him that way! He LOVES Popsicles! And other than his hands feeling a little slimy to him, he doesn't really cringe at all.

Lacee Herbert said...

That is HILARIOUS! And I absolutely LOVE the pic of Wade in his life jacket with the sad face.... PRICELESS! Mike & Nicole are the new proud parents (again) on the Herbie side. How do you like being back in Utah?? I bet it is wonderful being so close to your family again!

nicol said...
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