Closing in on 4 Months

Wade's 4 Month birthday is on Friday. He'll celebrate by going down to the doctor to receive another round of shots. Jen's really excited about having such fun with him again. We put him in his BYU shirt.
Though it's not as good as the video we put up last week, here's one of Wade describing why he thinks the Jazz lost game 1.

(Translated) "The Jazz weren't making any of their shots and were terrible from the free throw line. They did a great job rebounding though."


Shawna Moake said...

The little BYU shirt is so cute. It reminds me of the good old days at the BYU Bookstore. He is getting so big and so cute:) You look as fabulous as ever Jen!!

Mom Karen said...

Thanks SO much for posting the videos! It helps to bridge the distance between our homes. His sweet voice isn't as low as I remember it when we were there for his blessing.

I love this little guy...and I love his mom and dad too!

Lindsey said...

Awe the little man is 4 months!! No better way to capture it then with a BYU shirt on. When is your next visit out here?! I can't wait to meet him and see you!!

Leah & Mike said...

What a cute 4 month old! I love the BYU shirt :)

Harestads said...

My thoughts exactly Wade!!