Tricks and Baseball

Wade has some new tricks. One of them is to laugh hysterically whenever his friends say, "Beep Beep" to him.

He also can hold onto his toys.

And sit up (kind of) in his new chair.

We also had our second annual Spring Training.

(That one must have gone far)


Mom Karen said...

OK...Wade's giggles made me laugh too! That was adorable. And Phil...if you're looking for compliments looked adorable at Spring Training!

Love to all! XOXOXO

Harestads said...

That made my day!! I love his little voice!

Stacy Mike and Thalia Talbot said...

Oh he is a cutie! Mike and I are in PA this summer so we will have to get together and hug this little guy! (:

Patricia said...

He is absolutely adorable!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing with me! Tricia